Chief Yeast Wrangler at Bootleg Biology

Bootleg Biology has been featured in BeerAdvocate, DRAFT, and Craft Beer & Brewing magazines. Bootleg Biology produces yeast and bacteria cultures for homebrewers and craft breweries, as well as home yeast culturing equipment like the Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit.

The Search for Local Yeast

What is Wild Yeast, where is it, and how do i brew it?


Como parte de los objetivos de la Asociación de Micro Cerveceros de Mexicali, te invitamos al Brew Camp: una serie de charlas para la mejora y capacitación de los cerveceros locales.  No te pierdas de nuestros ponentes y sus conferencias, asiste a esta experiencia que se llevará a cabo el jueves 14 de noviembre.

We invite you to a day of interactive discussions with expert speakers for the continuous improvement of local brewers this Thursday, November 14th.


Charles Porter

Little Beast Brewing

Little Beast is the culmination of over 25 years experience brewing for Founder & Brewmaster Charles Porter. His love of the craft and background in biology led him to discover and hone farmhouse style ale. With a keen ability to harness the diverse microflora that ferment beer and to capture their untamed beauty, Charles creates unique ales celebrated for their originality. Innovation is his focus now at Little Beast Brewing and part of that includes souring techniques, blending, and using new microbes to create new flavors.

New Acidification Tecniques

The use of microoganisms in mixed fermentations.




Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant with over 20 years of experience in barrel wood aging and their uses in the beer industry.

The Fifth Element

Oak and its influence on the beers you will be tasting and the great new beers coming out of the barrelworks.




Constellation Brands

Began his brewing career with the German Brewmaster Peter Gokus in the Obregon Brewery of Cerveza Modelo.
Biochemical food Engineer with a Master in Executive Management.
Jorge Burgos is a brewmaster with 25 years of experience in the making of iconic Mexican beers such as Corona, Modelo Especial, Pacifico, Modela Negra and Victoria.

Extract efficiency in Brewhouse